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A Country Girl 2012

What Readers Say

"Jeanne Ainslie’s evocative use of language creates a beautiful sensory picture. Touch, taste, smell and sight combine for a complete immersion in Angela’s sexual experiences.
Angela doesn’t hold back from anything new, and the bolder and more forbidden it is, the more she enjoys it. If you long to break free of convention, if only vicariously, A Country Girl will take you to places you may have only visited in your imagination. I highly recommend this well-written erotic novel."
—Alice Berger, Bergers Book Reviews

"The sexual awakening of the young narrator in A Country Girl seems rare enough in currently-published erotica to be worth the price of the book."
—Jean Roberta, Erotica Revealed

"If you're looking for something raunchy, clear in its intentions and dripping with sex at every page turn, then this novel is definitely for you."
—Carrie White, Association of Erotic Artists

"If you have ever wondered what does go on in the sexual lives of others – and what other people get up to for fun and enjoyment – Angela's encounters are descriptive and honest.
It is so interesting reading about someone else's experiences in such detail as in real life the finer details about sexual encounters are often omitted.
Such a broad range of encounters are covered – chapter after chapter. There is something erotic and tantalizing for everyone!"
—M. Cherries, Adults Resources

“I've enjoyed working on A Country Girl – yours is some of the best writing I've seen here at Blue Moon.”
—Editor, Blue Moon

“Anais Nin – only better!
Jeanne Ainslie deserves credit for being perhaps the greatest female writer of erotic literature – period. I defy any adult male to dispute this after reading A Country Girl. Not only does she put you in the scene with her compact narrative, but she also draws you into the heat of the encounter, and makes you a willing voyeur-participant in the scene. The writer sets up situations that share both erotic intimacy and outrageous plausibility – meaning that, although outlandish, these are decidedly possible encounters. Hail to Ms. Ainslie, spiritual successor to Ms. Nin and others – most of whom can’t come close.”
—Norm Friberg, author of The Colors of Deception and Skin Deep

“I started reading your book and have not read anything so exciting in my lifetime. It is raw and exhilarating. It’s all encompassing with regard to feelings, desires, knowledge, and experience. A must read for every warm-blooded Homo sapiens.”
—Rita Saddler, Designer, Mon Couture