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A Country Girl 2012

        A Country Girl by Jeanne Ainslie

A Country Girl is the story of ANGELA, a country girl, and her sexual awakening - from her first teenage love affair to the casual encounters of later years that threatened her innocence. It is about Angela, a woman with a vibrant sexuality and passionate joy for living. But it is also about all women and their search for sexual identity. It is happy and tragic, beautiful and deeply romantic, and frankly erotic. All women and their men will find within it a portion of their own lives and fantasies.

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Stranger at Herring Cove: Erotic Short Stories by Jeanne Ainslie

Seven erotic stories of a woman's forbidden encounters with strangers and bold liaisons with friends. In the title story, Stranger at Herring Cove, an artist enters a daring and dangerous sexual adventure.
In Remic Rapids, a woman discovers a forbidden world of men. And the bizarre in The Man Who Never Wore a Condom, a portrait of an arrogant man.
In Wally Moon, a Caribbean man seduces a lonely divorcee on vacation, and a young woman explores her limits in Spank Me!
A wild erotic art festival out of a Fellini movie in The Blind Psychiatrist gives a married woman the courage to end her marriage.
And in Swinging, a bored married couple explore swinging and discover that their marriage is in crisis.

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